Travel to Africa with people you can trust

When it comes to travelling in Africa, good planning is vital. It is a vast continent, with an amazing variety of cultures and runs to a very unique beat. A large part of Africa's charm is that it is so different to everyday Western life. However, when things go wrong, the unfamiliar can go from charming to scary very quickly. 

With over half a century of experience in organising travel to Africa, our team knows the continent inside and out. We can help ensure that the unexpected doesn't ruin your dream holiday. Our network of support offices means you are never far from help. Let us create your extraordinary safari adventure for you today, no matter whether you want to spot the Big Five in Kruger or find the elusive Pel's fishing owl in Botswana. 


  • With over 50 years of experience selling safaris across the continent, our team really does know Africa, and can help you find the trip that best suits you and your individual requirements.
  • More than 1,000 days spent on safari across Africa, means that we know the parks, the lodges and camps, what to expect and where to find just what you are looking for!


  • A network of support offices from Cape Town to Nairobi to ensure that wherever you are, you will never be far from a helping hand should that ever be necessary
  • As we deal directly with operations in country we offer competitive pricing, and give the option to you to pay directly in the local currency, meaning you don't lose out on protective exchange rates.

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